What is Y Translate?


Y Translate platform eliminates language barriers by combining machine and human translation for the best of both worlds- speed and accuracy at a fifth of the price of traditional translators. Y translate’s use of artificial intelligence and crowd sourced translation help businesses expand globally.

How does it work?


Enterprise Service


  • Customer sees demo and sends us their translation requirements
  • Customer account opened for client
  • Advance payment taken for all new clients
  • First draft by machine
  • Final product refined by certified human translators

What problem are we solving?


75% 0f the world does not speak English. Translation services are essential for companies that want to build a global brand, but it is difficult to find a viable solution for online content. Machines are too rigid to detect the nuances of human speech and humans are just too slow.

What is our solution?


Y Translate solves this problem by marrying human skill with machine efficiency. Customers send in content which is firstly auto translated by Y Translate’s software, then refined by two human translators before it is sent back to the customer in as little as 10 minutes. This leads to the speed of a computer translation refined by human touch, offering customers a reliable and quick solution to building their global brand.

Who are the team?


Ytranslate is built by a visionary group of friends who spent the last 10 years working in marketing, software development and project management for technology companies.

Who needs our product or service?


Businesses that require fast accurate real time translations for competitive prices like ecommerce retailers, technology companies with service desks and marketing organisations with email marketing campaigns.